Baking Soda Foot Soak: A Simple Guide

Baking Soda foot soak: A long stressful working day. The feet are heavy and tired. Finally at home. Finally take a deep breath. Now is the time to relax. A foot bath would be just the right thing. And to support your feet, a Natron foot soak. But why a foot bath with baking soda and what you should consider, you will find out from me!

Effect of a baking soda foot soak

Okay, now you’ve decided to do a alkaline foot bath with sodium bicarbonate. But what good is that now? Can’t you also omit the bicarbonate? Yes, you can. But then you will miss its many advantages.

Because baking soda makes the water alkaline. This allows the water to neutralize acids. And that has a far-reaching effect on your feet.

Deacidification of the whole body

Your body is trying to balance everything.

Your skin has an acid PH value. This acid value is neutralized by the sodium foot bath. Your body tries to balance this with osmosis. It opens the pores at the feet and conducts acids from the inside to the outside.

This magically relieves the metabolism.

Helps with foot odor

Many people are punished with foot odor. It’s annoying and sometimes you don’t dare to take off your shoes.

Baking soda can also help here. As we have just learned, it neutralizes acids. And foot odor is nothing else than different acids (e.g. Butyric acid).

These acids are formed by the bacteria on our skin when they lack the air to breathe. This happens when we wear shoes. The soda foot bath then neutralizes the odor-forming acids.

Helps against cornea

Who isn’t actually plagued by horny skin on their feet? Whether at the heel, at the ball or at the toes. A baking soda foot soak against cornea can help.

Here again the PH value comes into play. Because of the higher PH-value the skin can soften properly. Then the cornea can be easily removed.

Unfortunately, a foot bath does not prevent the formation of new calluses.

Helps against nail fungus and athlete’s foot fungus

Nail fungus isn’t pretty to look at. But not only that, it can turn into athlete’s foot if our immune system is severely weakened. And if it is mentioned here, then of course a foot bath with baking soda helps.

The effect against nail fungus and foot fungus was even proven in this study.

Recipe for a successful Natron foot bath

  1. A foot tub with enough space for your feet, at least just above your ankles.
  2. 3 to 4 teaspoons of baking soda, I always take this.
  3. Enough water to cover your entire feet.
  4. Two towels ready for later.
  5. A care cream for your feet e.g. one with urea. Because these creams supply the skin especially well with moisture.
  6. Something to do during the alkaline bath (e.g. a book or you can read on on my page and learn something about foot health )
  7. If you like another ingredient of your choice ( essential oils or other salts such as magnesium or milk)

Before you start with your baking soda foot soak, you should consider this!

  • Your feet should be free of injuries. Sodium can strongly soften existing wounds and healing will be slower.
  • To reap all the benefits of the soda foot bath, your feet should be free of fats. Otherwise your skin will not be able to de-acidify properly. It is best to wash your feet with soap beforehand.
  • If you know that your skin was already sensitive to sodium bicarbonate in the past, then you should leave the foot bath completely or use something else.
  • Of course you should not use the foot bath if your doctor has advised you against it.

Instructions for a foot soak with sodium bicarbonate

  1. Place your foot tub on a towel in front of your favorite armchair. You should be able to sit comfortably for as long as possible.
  2. Fill the tub with warm or cold water. Depending on what you have in mind. Take warm water to relax. To activate your feet or for a decongestant effect, use cold water.
  3. Now you can add the sodium bicarbonate. You can stir it now with your hand or later with your feet.
  4. Check again if everything you need is near you. Book, mobile phone with my open page, cappuccino and your second towel.
  5. Make yourself comfortable now and enjoy your Natron foot bath. If you haven’t already stirred it up, you can now do it playfully with your feet.
  6. Now it is important that everything is close to you. Because the foot bath with sodium bicarbonate should last about 15 to 30 minutes.
  7. After the bath you dry your feet properly.
  8. Finally cream your feet. It would be even better if you let them cream ? ( Unfortunately the partner is not always ready ).
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