Returned barefoot shoes

Are all barefoot shoes worth buying? You'd think when you read my reviews. But unfortunately this is not true. There are also shoes that I tried on and sent back. You can find a list of these shoes here. This list will be extended with

Hallux Rigidus: The stiff big toe

Hallux Rigidus refers to the arthrosis of the metatarsophalangeal joint. It is also called Hallux limitus or Hallux flexus. Because stretching in the metatarsophalangeal joint is no longer possible. Over time, the joint becomes more…

Calluses on feet

Most people have calluses on their feet. Usually it just doesn't look nice. But it becomes a problem when the calluses becomes dry and cracked. But what exactly is calluses anyway? How does it develop and what problems can it lead to? This…

Magnesium Foot Soak

Are you sometimes stressed by everyday life? Do you have heavy legs running back and forth? If so, let your life be more relaxing! And exactly for that I have something for you. A magnesium foot soak. And how you can do a magnesium foot

Foot peeling

It is about time for tender feet! With a foot peeling you will make it! No more calluses and rough soles. From us you get over 12 recipes for your foot peeling. From easy to exotic. First of all in this article I will tell you what a