Magnesium: A mineral of life

Magnesium is incredibly important for our lives. Its effects go beyond preventing muscle cramps. In this article I try to explain everything important about magnesium. Among other things you will learn why the magnesium blood level is not

Listerine foot soak: Does it work?

Listerine, the mouthwash? And I'm supposed to do a foot soak with it? Why should I take a foot soak with Listerine at all? I also asked myself these questions after I heard about the trend on Pinterest. But I also asked myself whether it

Baking Powder Foot Soak

I had to bake there the other day. A few hours in the kitchen. Your feet can get heavy and tired. In such a case, I'm sure everyone has wondered if you can use baking ingredients for a foot bath. I mean milk and honey is nothing new now.